Poppy And Lilly

I have taken care of these two sisters a few times. While Poppy is a big sook and loves cuddles, Lilly is crazy for chasing toys and a laser pen around the house. 


Cooper and Cash

I look after Cooper and Cash on occasion. They are both sweet, lovely boys that give me a warm welcome when I come in the door. Cooper loves to have a ball thrown and Cash is always trying to steal them from him. I love spending the day with them, taking them a walk to the park to play and sitting with them for a bit at the end of the day while they have a nap on my lap.


Willow's family are Scout Leaders and I stayed with her while they were away camping. She is a loving wee dog who adores long walks. She loves finding feathers and carrying them around. 


I walked this wee cutie as a pup a couple of days a week. Brodie loved his little strolls around the park and also playing with his favourite plushy rabbit in the house afterwards.


Taking this wee hyper girl for a walk is lots of fun. Olly is full of energy and loves running around patches of grass.


I take this chatterbox out for a walk on weekdays. He looks so cute in his furry jacket keeping warm in the winter months. He loves doing his "scary bear" trick for a treat at the end of his walks.

Honey and Zara

I visited these wee ones for feeding and I loved making them a wee salad every day. Honey was a little skittish so I offered her some treats by hand and gave her her space. Zara occasionally enjoyed a wee pet. 


I stayed with Sheila while her family were on holiday. She loved long walks in the countryside and watching the horses, but her favourite thing to do was play catch with her ball or her plushy pink octopus with no legs.


I walked the lovely Dusty a few times before I went to work on and animation in Skye. She was such a good natured soul and loved to run like the wind in the fields.


I take this wee sweetheart out for a walk on occasion in the evening. Tara loves being all snuggled up in her warm bed and can't wait to get a wee biscuit after her walk.


I visited Arlo for day care for a few days. He was very energetic and his favourite thing to do was to play fetch and football in the garden. He also enjoyed long walks on different routes around Greenock and Gourock.


I visited Maisy for a few days. She greeted me with cuddles and rolling about the floor. She had a special talent for finding treats I had hidden all over her climbing tower for her.


I take this Prince for a walk on weekend mornings. He tries to steal his mum's toast and stands up on two legs when he sees other dogs.


I visited Gatouli while his mum was on holiday. He always greeted me at the door with loud happy meows and loved his food as well as getting lots cuddles. He also had his mad playful moments where he liked to leap from couch to couch and wrestle with my foot.


I visited Nim on Christmas day. He was a shy wee guy but curious too. He would sneak up behind me when I wasn't looking to see what I was doing. He also enjoyed playing with the wee christmas bell ball I brought him for a present.


I stayed with Leo for the month of christmas. This Glasgow city pup loved his walks and getting lots of attention from passers by. One day, to escape the busy city lifestyle, I took him to Darroch Park back home. He enjoyed seeing all the farm animals there and a peaceful stroll in the woods.