This lovable big guy is Bailey. I take him for a walk once a week. He's a big gentle giant and loves exploring the woods, his favourite thing to do is dip his toes in Daff burn or the bay for a splash.


I visited Raggedy while her family were on holiday. This wee chatty princess loved to be pampered and brushed. She was very cuddly but wouldn't hesitate to bat me with her paws if I wasn't doing things her way. I adopted the nickname "Kitty Soft Paws" for her because her paws felt like silk.


I stayed overnight with Mia while her family were on a trip. She was a hyper girl that loved attention and to make her presence known at the park by howling loudly. She also had her cheeky moments where she would nip me when I wasn't looking, all in good fun though.


This is Smudge, I take her for a walk on weekdays. She's a lively girl that wins first prize for who gets us the most muddy on walks. She loves to play with the rope swing in the woods and jump over the waves at Wemyss Bay Beach.


I take wee Freckle out for a walk on the bicycle path some weekdays. When I reach into my pocket, either for a ball or a treat, she does an adorable wee dance with her two front paws in the air.

Mac and Callie

I took Mac and Callie for a daily walk.  Callie thought she was a wolf and had an adorable wee howl. Mac enjoyed to explore the reservior and chase Callie around. They both loved to playfight with each other when they get in from their walk.


I spent a couple of days with Buster while his family were on holiday. He's a big bundle of energy and loved playing fetch with his ball. He tried to go into the butchers across the street when out on his walks and would poke his head through the cat flap to greet me as I came in.


Cheyenne's family were visiting Scotland on holiday. I spent the day with her while they went on a trip. She came on some of my walks and met new friends. She has a really peaceful nature and was full of kisses as she chilled at the end of the day.


This happy guy is Tommy. I take him out for a walk some week days. Tommy is always so excited when I come in the door. He loves getting a cuddle and throwing his toys about before his walk.


I stayed overnight with Charlie. He's an energetic wee guy that loves to chase his ball and carry around big sticks that he finds. He also enjoyed to settle down and sit on my lap for cuddles and belly rubs after a walk in the park.


This happy girl is Kia. I took her for a few walks while her family were on a weekend trip and then she stayed with me for a week while her family where on holiday.  She enjoys flying about the park chasing sticks and loves to by always by your side for cuddles.

Kaiser and Radar

I took Kaiser and Radar for a few walks while their family were on holiday. Their favourite place is the beach just down the street. Kaiser likes to explore and Radar is always up to mischief. They love to chase each other for their ball.


This is Winston. I visited him while his family where on holiday. He would greet me at the door when I came in and made sure I followed him to the kitchen to give him his dinner. He was a peaceful wee guy and liked to sit next to me for cuddles.


I looked after Chico while his family were on holiday. He's a loving wee guy who enjoyed to sit and people watch at the window or out in town. He also loved snuggling up in his bed with his favourite teddy.


I popped in to visit Lester while his family where on a trip. He was a chatty wee guy full of adorable meows who loved to snuggle up on my lap. He was always nosey when I was making his dinner.

Cookie and Crumble

I visited Cookie and Crumble while their family were away visiting home for Easter. Cookie had a special talent for camouflaging herself in the curtains and Crumble loved to chase tinfoil balls all over the place.

Bella and Mya

This energetic pair is Bella and Mya, I walk them occassionally. They love to run around the moors. Wee Bella is a speedy rascal who likes to tease Mya into chasing her for the ball. Mya is a lovable big goofball pup.


I looked after Luca one weekend while his family attended a wedding. He's a sweet pup and loves to play with cuddly toys. He came on some walks with the other dogs and made a lot of new friends.


I visited this wee cutie to keep her company at the weekend while her mum was away on a scout trip. Jasmine has bundles of energy and loved bringing me all her different toys to play with. She also loved to catch bubbles.


I take Ollie out for a walk a few days a week. He's a lovely big guy who gives the gentlest hugs. He loves exploring the farmlands and forest.

Archie, Arthur and Lola

I stayed with Archie while his family and wee brother and sister were away sailing. He is a lovable big guy and enjoyed chilling in the garden on a sunny day. He also loved to play fetch and had a cute wee hop that he did before I threw the ball. Arthur and Lola joined us later. Arthur was so excited to go on a walk he would stand up on two legs and punch the air with his front paws when he saw me with his lead. Lola loves to roll over for belly rubs and fly about the garden for a ball. All three of them liked to sit at the window and bark at the neighbours' cat.


I take Barney on a walk occasionally. He enjoys chasing birds and going for a swim in the reservoir. He also loves hanging out with his new friends Mac and Callie.


I stayed with Simba for a couple of nights while his family were away on a trip. He spends most of his time exploring outside. He would pop back to say hello a few times throughout the day and relax in his favourite armchair at night. He also liked to bring me back presents from his adventures.


I looked after Ellie for a couple of weeks. She is so sweet and danced in excitement every time came in the door. She loves to cuddle and give the softest paw shakes.


This wee gentleman is Jinky. He stayed for the day while his family were getting married. Jinky would bounce up and down when it was time for a walk. He was also loved to snuggle up to his wee mokey toy and relax with a dentastick then go for a nice long nap.


I took Nanuk out for walks while his family were on a trip. He was a gentle giant with the sweetest nature, he loved to go for a run on the grass.

CJ and Bo

CJ and Bo come to stay with us while their family are away on holiday. CJ is a dog with many expressions. She will give us the sad puppy eyes whenever we have food. My favourite is one where one tooth stuck out while we speak to her. Wee Bo is a walking pancake. He is still a tiny pup and follows CJ around and copies what she does. He also loves to carry things around that are too big for him because he knows it looks adorable.


Alfie stayed with us over the weekend while his family were on a trip. He's a friendly wee guy who enjoyed coming on my regular walks and making new friends. We took him to the Viking Festival in Largs and he also loved going to see the baby swans round the Greenock dams.

Harley, Prince and Holly

On Harley, Prince and Holly's family's wedding day I spent the day with the three of them. The big pup Harley and his brother Prince are always up to mischief and love to wrestle with each other. Holly is a sweet girl who loves cuddles and to relax and watch the antics of her hyper brothers from the couch.

Charlie, Bailey and Maisey

I walked this wee bunch for a couple of days while their family were on holiday. Charlie the big pup loves to chase a ball. Maisey always shoves her face into pockets looking for treats. Bailey likes to pose for the camera.


This wee sweetheart stayed with us over the weekend while her family were on a trip. She's a loving wee girl full of kisses, and loved to curl up on my lap for cuddles after her walks. She was fascinated with my budgie and always wanted to say hello to him.


This wee speedy bolt of lightning is called Lady, she joined Tommy's family towards the end of the year. When she's not whizzing around chasing or play fighting with her brother she prances gracefully like a deer.


I help out with some walks for Atlas and he comes to stay sometimes. He is full of energy and likes to get up to mischief, but he is also a big sook. He loves meeting new people and dogs, and even tries to make friends with the seagulls on the Esplanade.


Buddy stayed with us for a few days while his family were on holiday. He enjoys following is nose for exciting scents on his walks and long naps afterwards. He also loves to chew toys and roll in mud.


I looked after wee Alfie while his usual sitter was on holiday. This wee guy made the cutest sounds, almost a like chirp or meow. He was the boss for the day and in charge of my lap at cuddle time.

Les and Livi

I walk Les and Livi some mornings and evenings. They are both retired racing dogs and are enjoying taking it easy in their new home. Les loves to toss his toys around and Livi enjoys belly rubs.


I helped out with a few walks for Romi. He is a lovely, gentle big guy and loves to run around the old enclosed tennis courts at the Darroch Park after a ball. He can jump so high he would look like he is flying.


Sonny comes to stay while his family are on holiday. He loves to talk to you and always makes sure to get the last word in. He also brings socks and slippers to you as a gift when he's really happy.

Zeusy-Lucy and Minnie

I looked after these two while their family were on a trip. Zeus loves to chill in patches of sunshine and look elegant. Minnie is a tiny ball of fluff that is always whizzing around stalking her sister and causing mischief.


I looked after Leo while his family were on a trip over the holidays. He was suspicious of me at first but soon his extremely cuddly and chatty personality came out. He lovedfinding hidden treats and chasing his toys.