This lovely big boy stays with us while his family are on holiday. He enjoys coming on walks with his new friends. He loves lounging and having his naps, but also has a playful side where he would grab my stuff and run around with it.

Aika and Bae

Aika and Bae come to stay on occassion. They are both timid but loving wee souls. Aika loves to throw about and chew a ball. Bae gets so happy when it's time to go a walk his tail spins like a helicopter.



I visited this wee cutie, Lucy, a couple of mornings a week to help with her socialization to get her used to the outside world on her walks. She is a wee livewire and full of fun, loving playtime in the garden or in her room.


Mila stayed with us for the night while her family were at a wedding. She loves playing tug of war and making new doggy friends. Her favourite place in the house is the couch where she can lounge and chew on her antler treat.


Vinnie came to stay for the night. He's such an expressive wee guy. Loves to smush his face into his plushy donut and roll around the garden trying to eat the flowers.


This is Hector. I visited him while his family were at a wedding. He's a chatty wee guy and enjoyed a walk to the park then a play in the garden. He would do anything for a wee treat.


This little lady is Snowbelle. She stayed with us while her family were on holiday. She was nervous at first being away from home. But before long she was following us around the house and rolling over asking for belly rubs. She enjoyed to watch Chester singing in his cage and spying on the neighbours pigeons.


Wee Bailey came for a few days day care. He loved spending time with the other dogs and enjoyed going for wee naps in the buggy between walks. He is such a cutie he got so much attention while travelling on the buses and trains.

Felix, Doodle and Dougal

I look after Felix, Doodle and Dougal while their family are on holiday. Felix loves to chat and Doodle's favourite spot to chill is up the top of the stairs. Dougal was a bit scared at first but quickly came around for cuddles.


Ozzy stays while his family are on holiday. He has a blast exploring and playing on different walks, especially in the snow. He also loves to cuddle up on the couch with his teddy after his walks.


This wee guy sporting the hoody is Archiebald. He stays some weekends while his mum is away for work. He loves to dart around the room and be chased. At night he crawls under the covers and cuddles in pretending to be a hot water bottle.

Maisey and Elphie

I popped in to see Maisey and Elphie while their family were on holiday. Elphie loves cuddles and to play peekaboo from behind the door. Maisey was a bit unsure at first and hid from me for the first day. She soon warmed up to me and followed me everywhere around the house the rest of the week.


Wee Baxter stayed for a couple of nights. He loves to sit for a while and watch the birds on his walks. He is also the first older dog to accompany wee pup Lucy on her walk. He enjoyed showing her the ropes.


I visited Oreo while his family went on a trip. He greeted me at the door standing up like a meerkat and did this every time I went to pet him. He would rather have a go at my hand than play with his toys.


Eddy stayed the night while his family were at a birthday party. He's still a pup so full of fun and really nosy. He loved to chase the hoover and "help out" while I was cleaning up. He has a wee monkey toy that he snuggles up to at bedtime.


This is Shelly, I looked after her while her family were away on holiday. I would usually find her snoozing on the bed when I came in. Shes a wee chatty sook and loved to snuggle up on my lap for cuddles. She also enjoys taking in the view from her high window, where everyone below looked like ants.

Brodie and Cooper

I helped out with some walks for Brodie and Cooper this week. They were always waiting patiently at the window for me then would bounce around with excitement when I opened the door. Their favourite things to do were playing fetch in the fields or splashing around muddy puddles.


This is Brian, he is Lucy pup's big brother. I popped in to see him over the weekend while his family were away on a trip. He's an older gentleman and loved his naps and to chill in the garden on a sunny day.

Fozzie Bear

This wee cutie is Fozzie Bear. He spent the day with me while his family were visiting nearby on their holidays. He loved his big walk exploring the hills up the Greenock Cut, watching the sheep and having a dip in the pond.

Holly and Poppy


I look after Holly and Poppy while their usual sitter is on holiday. Poppy loves to play with the other dogs and makes adorable wee chirp noises. Holly likes to supervise the madness from my lap while watching cartoons.

Oreo and Milo

I stayed with Oreo and Milo while their family were on holiday. They loved going off on adventures outside. Oreo liked to bring me back "presents" to show off what a great wee hunter he is. Milo was like my own wee personal furry alarm clock, waking me up in the morning by flying about the bed and diving under the covers.


This wee cheeky guy is Haymitch. I looked after him while his family were on holiday. He poked his head through the door meowing to greet me as I came in. He followed me flying about the furniture and worktops to hug me while I was feeding him. He loved to stalk his toys and chill in the sun on the balcony.

Smudge, Lollipop and Sparky

I looked after Lollipop, Smudge and Sparky while their family were on holiday. Lollipop was a bit scared at first but before long she was following me about curious to see what I was doing. Smudge made sure to be the first one to get the carrots when I gave them their salad. Sparky loved to burrow in his wee maze, he popped out a few times to say hello.


This wee cool cat is Rocky. I popped in to see him and let him out to go on his daily adventures outside while his family where on holiday. He loved to chill in his favourite wee chair or chase leaves in the garden. He always pulled funny faces and poses.

Sophie and Seeko


I popped in to see Sophie and Seeko while thier family were on holiday. Sophie is a cuddly sweetheart and tried to steal my lunch. Seeko is a mischievous guy and loved to play peekaboo and paw at me through the spaces in the dining chairs.

Buddy and Speedy

I looked after Buddy and Speedy while their family were on holiday. Buddy liked to follow me around the house and nip my legs when he wanted attention. When I sprinkled fresh sawdust around his cage Speedy zoomed around under it like a game. Sometimes Buddy would sneak into Speedy's cage for a wee cuddle.



I take big Cal for the occasional walk. He is always so excited to see me and showers me with kisses and cuddles. He loves a wander along the beach and his favourite thing to do is chase a ball into the sea.


Cocoa stayed with us while her family were on holiday. She loved to hang out with me in the art room waiting to steal my chair when I got up. The sound of her wee jingly collar would wake us up as she would have her morning zoomies around the house.



Roxie stayed with us while her family were on holiday. She's a friendly girl who would drag her belly and back legs along the floor, like wee seal, to say hello in the morning. She had an Eeyore teddy who she liked to beat up.



I popped in to spend some time with Loki for a few days. He is very nosey and mischievious but also a wee cuddly sook. He liked to dart under my feet and try to trip me up. His favourite toy is his green fluffy snake 

Jovi and Iggy


I pop in to see Jovi and Iggy while their family are on holiday. They are a funny wee duo and both pull the cutest faces. Iggy loves a cuddle and Jovi loves to play with water. Their favourite game is playing peekaboo through the stairs.


Fia is wee Tilly's friend. She joined us for a walk. She was a bit scared to begin with but after a play in the garden she was eager to come on a wee adventure to the woods.


I popped in to see Fred while his family were on holiday. He likes to show off climbing trees in the garden. When play hunting he does an adorable head swaggle. He loves ham so much he would hug it before eating it.


Wee feisty Bella stays sometimes. She enjoys exploring the beaches and countryside. Her favourite game is beating up and tossing about her unicorn toy. She is the master at giving the puppy dog eyes.

Bella and Maisey

I popped in to see Bella and Maisey while their family were on holiday. Bella is a chatty fluffball and rules the house. She likes a cuddle but will let you know with her claws if she's had enough. Maisey likes to chill and roll about on the bed but is always first to appear if there were treats.


This wee sweetheart is Nylah. I walk her once a week. She enjoys exploring the countryside and forest. She chases leaves in the wind and  tries to chase all the birds she sees too.

Nell, Jack Jack and Pixie


I checked in on Nell, Jack Jack and Pixie while their family were away for the weekend. They were mostly off galavanting on their own adventures outside, but one by one they came by each day to say hello so I got to meet them all. Nell is an older lady and liked to sleep in her cosy cat cave. Jack Jack demanded treats and Pixie loved a wee cuddle.



I look after JJ over the weekend while his family are away. I was expecting not to see him much as I was told he was very shy and would probably hide. To my surprise he is always waiting at the top of the stairs for me to come and give him some fuss. 


Birra stays with us on occassion. He thinks he's a hunter when he sees birds and sheep on his walks but is scared of playstation controllers. He's also quite a sook and loves to curl up on your lap.

Tiger and Lilly

I popped in to see Tiger and Lilly while their family were on holiday. Both of them loved some cuddle time. Tiger gives the gentlest hugs and has the loudest purrs. Lilly is a bit nosey and likes to sit at the window to people watch.

Ollie and Alfie

Ollie and Alfie stayed with us while their family where on holiday. Alfie likes to throw about a cuddly toy and will fake a few sneezes to get your attention. Ollie loves his home comforts and to be by your side.


This wee guy is Bowie. I walk him a couple of days a week. He's just a pup so everything is a game to him. He gets so excited and wriggles when he's getting his lead on to go out and loves playing in the leaves. He's always so happy when I bring him new doggy friends.

Blaze and Perry

I spent the day with Blaze while his family were at a wedding. He loved his adventure to Knockmountain and stood up like a meerkat to take in the views. Perry the cat popped in on us a few times to say hello. 

Misty and Mac

I looked after adorable Misty and laid-back Mac for a couple of weeks. They were always eager to set off on adventures in the morning and loved their home comforts in the evening. Frankie the fox and Geoff the seagul were regular visitors at night, patiently waiting on some food.


Oscar stayed one night. He likes to follow you around like a shadow and come up for cuddles when ever he can. After a walk in the rain he does zoomies and spins around the floor.


This wee livewire is Murphy. I walk him once a week. He loves going on a walk so much that he practically bounces off the walls when he sees his lead and plays tug of war going out the door. He's always in a hurry to get to the beach.


Elphie and Maisey have a new wee brother called Fiyero. He's a bouncey guy who loves to chase and play with his big sister's tails. He's also very nosey and would appear like a ninja wherever I was to see what I was doing.

Sox and Smudge

This funny wee pair is Sox and Smudge. I popped in to see them while their family were on holiday. Sox loves to play with his wee sushi plush and Smudge likes to voice his demands for food and treats. They both are really good at pulling funny faces.


This wee guy is Enzo, I walk him occasionally to cover for his usual walker. He likes to plod along the park and have a good sniff. He also enjoys to sit and watch the swans.

Rexie, Catty and the Garden Birds

I spent a couple of weeks with Rexie and Catty in beautiful Kinlochard. Rexie loved to show me around the surrounding forests and loch Ard. He could walk for miles and loved nothing more than to chase a ball or a stick. Catty was a tiny tiger who loved to play with her pink fluffy snake toy and chill cuddling up to me. She would also sit on my work while I was drawing to demand attention. I also love waking up in the morning to feed the birds. 


This wee tiny cutie pie is Bonnie. I puppy sat for her a couple of hours during the festive season. She's a feisty wee girl, loves to wrestle with her toys and do zoomies.