I started off with some puppy pop in visits for this wee guy then moved onto walks. He also stays over on occasion. Bubba is all fun and games. He used to hate water, but will brave jumping in for his ball.


I walk this big guy on occassion. Sonny is a bouncy and clumbsy big guy. He wouldn't hurt a fly but sometimes forgets his own size and strength. He loves playing tug of war but is also a big sooky baby.


Sam stayed with us while his family were on holiday. His favourite place to explore on walks were woodlands. He always managed to find something crazy (animal bones or body parts) to try and keep as a trophy on his walks.

Buddy and Balloo

This is Buddy and Balloo, the chillest cats in town. I popped in to see them while their family were on a trip. Buddy was always first to greet me at the door and rolled around for tummy rubs. Balloo lived up to his name by lazing about on top of his cat tower and acting cool.


Bonnie spent the day with us while her family were on a day out. She is a mummy's girl so was a bit upset when she left but soon settled on a fun walk up the greenock cut.


This wee tiny guy is Duke. I walk him occasionally. He adores meeting other dogs and is always so happy when I bring him friends to explore and play with.


Teddy joined Smudge and Murphy on their forest adventures for a day. She loved having a wee run around with ner neighbours.


Jax comes to stay with us while his family are away on thier holidays. He is an excitable wee guy who likes to do the conga with you when you walk past him.

Charlie and Miffy

I look after Charlie and Miffy while their mum is away on holiday. Charlie always greets me at the door and showers me with kisses and cuddles. Miffy is a bit shy but still comes by to say hello.


Duke comes to stay sometimes. His favourite thing to do is to cuddle up on the couch after a busy day exploring the great outdoors with his new friends. 


I walk george on occassion. He's a happy wee guy who really loves meeting new friends. He is always adventurous and full of fun.


Hugo stays with us sometimes. He loves to snuggle and burrow into lots of fluffy blankets after a fun day with his doggy friends. He's also a wee food thief when he sees the opportunity! 


Spent the day with big Oscar while his family did the kilt walk. He loved exploring Shielhill Glen and spent his walk splashing in puddles and chasing butterflies. He also loves to wrestle.


I help out with some walks for Hogan on occasion. He's a lovable wee guy that turns into the tasmanian devil when he has a ball in his mouth.

Daisy, Lola, Ramone, Ronnie and Reggie

I looked after this lovely wee bunch of guys while their family were on holiday. Daisy the cuddly ragdoll, Lola the shy Tortie, Ramone the curious chinchilla and Ronnie and Reggie the hyper Degus.

Simba, Sky and Maisey

I looked after Simba, Sky and Maisey while their family where on holiday. Simba loves to play with the tap water and do zoomies, Sky's favourite place to sit is in cardboard boxes and Maisey enjoys spending some time out in the garden.


Dave stayed with us while his family where at a concert. Despite being a senior, he is so energetic for his age and could run circles round some of the younger dogs. His favourite past time is to grumble at animals on the TV.


Kaia stayed with us while her family were at a wedding. She loves to splash about in water, sing in the car and goof around with other dogs. 


Dash the "swiftest" greyhound in inverclyde. I looked after her while her family were at a wedding. She's a big sook, quite happily cuddles up on the couch and loves to snooze.

Millie and Ernie

This wee pair stayed with us while their family were at a birthday party. Millie and Ernie love to chase a ball together and always greet you by circling you carrying cuddly toys.


This silly wee bundle of fluff is Bruaich (Bru for short) I started off with pop in puppy visits for him then some walks on occassion. He likes to pull funny faces and his best friend is a penguin who he carries around everywhere.


I walk demon a few evenings a week. He is always so excited to go on his walk he spins around in circles howling and bounces out the door on two legs like a kangaroo. He also likes to sing in the car.


This big guy is Storm. I help out with some walks while his family are on holiday. He always jumped up and down behind the glass door when I came to collect him, clearly excited to go exploring the forest or countryside with his new friends. He loves nothing more than chasing a ball.


This big fluffy polar bear is Sam. I helped out with some of his walks for a few months while his dad recovered from a knee injury. He's very bouncy and excitable and loves the sound of his own voice!

Percy Weasly

This wee cheeky guy is Percy Weasly. He is full of mischief and loves to perch on your shoulder. He is also a wee cat treat thief and makes off with the entire box if you leave it unguarded.

Sergei and Charlie

This funny pair is Sergei and Charlie. They stay overnight on occassion. They love exploring the forest with their new pals and their favourite game is to play tug of war with tennis balls, neither of them give in easily!


Cheeko stays with over the weekend on occasion. He pulls the craziest faces playing with his favourite squeaky toy and loves goofing off with other dogs, or watching them on TV.

Lady, Sweet Pea, Benjamin and Fluffy

Remember Honey and Zara? They were some of the first pets I cared for when I started up three years ago. Their wee family has grown since then! Welcome two new wee guinea pigs Lady, Sweet Pea and rabbits Benjamin and Fluffy. They all enjoy feasting on tasty salad I make them.


This gorgeous girl is Amber. She stayed with us while her family were on a trip. She enjoyed peaceful countryside walks with her new friends and going for naps afterwards.


This wee man is called Patch. I take him for walks a couple of days a week. He smiles at me when I come in the door to get him and loves running around with the other dogs so much. He has the deepest bark but the gentlest soul.


This wee cutie is Ruby. I spent the day with her while her family where at a party. She was a bit scared at first but came around and her bubbly personality came out. She enjoyed seeing the alpacas at Ingilston and loves to chase a football (and your feet) around the garden.


I helped out with some of walks for Skye for a couple of days. She was a bit nervous at the start but soon warmed up to me. She has the worlds floppiest ears when chasing a ball or stick.

Mike and Harvey

These wee dudes are Mike and Harvey. I help out with some walks on occassion. They love darting about the woods and fighting over sticks. They both hate the rain and would rather stay all cosy inside.


This adorable fluff ball is Martin. I popped in to see him while his family were on holiday. He always greeted me at the door with cute meows, except for one day when he decided to play hide and seek.

Lord Scampi

I help out with some walks for this wee curly pup, Lord Scampi, when his usual walker is off. He was so excited to explore Whinhill Golf course. He even went ice skating on the frozen puddles.


Max stayed with us while his family were at a concert. He really enjoyed his walk to Corlic Hill. Spying on sheep, chasing balls, splashing in puddles and posing like a pro! He also loves his home comforts and would happily take up the entire couch and have you sit on the floor. 


I've branched out to ewok sitting. This wee fluffball is Darcey. She joins us for daycare a couple of days a week. She might be tiny but she has no fear and is ready for anything, especially meeting new friends.


I help out with some walks for Lochie occassionally when his usual walker is unavailable. He is a goofy guy and loves a good scuffle with other dogs. He really hit it off with wee Darcey. He also enjoys a wee splash around the beach.


I popped in on Ivy for a few days while her family were on holiday. She's a wee sweetheart, always runs meowing to greet me at the door and loves to be picked up for a cuddle.


This is wee Darcy. She joins us for daycare once a week where she loves joining in on the other dog's walks. Darcy pup is full of mischief and always trying to get the other dogs to play games with her.


This wee cutie is Kahlil. I popped in to see him while his dad was on a trip. He's a wee bit shy but didn't mind me coming into the room to say hello every now and then.

Teddy and Toffee

Tiny Teddy and his wee sister Toffee join us for walks on occasion when their ususal walker is off. They are a cheeky wee pair and make up for their size in attitude.

Toby and Tate

I help out with some walks for double trouble Toby and Tate on occasion. They were both so excited to go on their walk they screamed all the way to the car then were off like bullets when we got to the field.


Fudge stayed with us while his family were on holiday. He enjoyed going a wander with the other dogs and liked to make a nest out of my hoodie on the floor when we got home for a wee nap.