Izzy and Snakey

I popped in to see this wee dude Izzy and his slithery friend while their family were on holiday. Izzy loves dinner time so much he does and excited wee dance when he sees his box of worms. He even climbed onto my arm on the last day. Snakey boy liked to observe from his wee den.


My aunt's dog Opal joins us for walks once a week. She loves hanging out with the other dogs and adores catching balls, but she is a thief and hoggs the balls from everyone the entire walk. 


Luna joined us for walks twice a week. She loves to try and trip you up and and also tilts her head and sticks her tongue out when she hears interesting noises.

Teddy and Maple

I took Teddy and Maple out for walks once a week. They are both very nervous around new people so took it slow with them. Once out and about the enjoyed taking in their surroundings on a peaceful stroll.


This wee girl joins us for walks once a week. Ruby gets so excited when I come to pick her up for her walk she grabs my hand with her front paws and showers me with kisses. She loves getting a good run around with her doggy pals.


Becca stayed for a few days. She's a bouncy pup who has absolutely loved meeting the gang. Her favourite hobby is chasing after balls into the water like a speedboat!


Coco joined us for walks once a week. She was a bit nervous but did have her playful moments too. She knew she was so cute giving high fives for treats.


Wee Rollo joined the gang for a walk one day. He was so excited to go a hike with new pals Opal and Freckle. He had a blast exploring the hills and chasing the ball.


This lovely girl is Lilly. She joined us for a few walks to get her used to us before an overnight. She is a wee bit shy but enjoys her walks in the quiet countryside.


Ruby pug has a new wee cousin Ziggy. He loved his introductory walk with us at Darroch Park, getting to see all the animals there and rough housing with his big cousin.


Ruby's cousin joined us for weekly walks. Wee Roly is a very dramatic pup and lives up to his name by rolling around. His feet hardly touch the ground when he runs around, he practically flies! And water turns him into the tasmanian devil.


Sparky joins us for daycare on occassion. His ears go round in circles when he bounces through the grass. He loves turning dry time after a walk in the rain into a game of tug of war.


Luna the champ at high fives, and sometimes even tens, joined us for walks once a week. She loved getting out and about on woodland walks with her friends.


I looked after Ella for the day. She enjoyed a wander up the cut, we found a new walk around the reservoirs, cant wait to explore them more. She loved chasing her ball around the house after our walk.


This wee happy girl is Lily. She's full of meows telling me how her day went. She also loves to chill on the heated tiles in the bathroom or in the garden in the summer sun.


Zara joined us for walks once a week. She is a goofy pup who adores her neighbour Opal. She watches through the glass door and  gets so excited when it's walk time she stands up on two legs.

Jaxon and Jasper

 These wee Panthers Jaxon and Jasper stayed for a holiday. They were so chill, coming up for cuddles on the couch with lots of purrs. They also had their hyper moments, doing zoomies and meowing like mad.

Beans and Toast

Sox n Smudge kitties have new wee rat brothers called Beans n Toast. They love to scurry around their gym after treats and grab them from your hand. They are both also great at gymnastis.


Chestnut joins us for walks on occassion. She's a living Looney Tunes character and is always up to crazy antics. She loves goofing off with her doggy pals.


Cassie comes along on walks on occassion. She loves her home comforts and it sometimes takes some coaxing to get her out of bed. Once she's up and about she loves a wee gentle stroll in the countryside.