Izzy and Snakey

I popped in to see this wee dude Izzy and his slithery friend while their family were on holiday. Izzy loves dinner time so much he does and excited wee dance when he sees his box of worms. He even climbed onto my arm on the last day. Snakey boy liked to observe from his wee den.


My aunt's dog Opal joins us for walks once a week. She loves hanging out with the other dogs and adores catching balls, but she is a thief and hoggs the balls from everyone the entire walk. 


Wee Rollo joined the gang for a walk one day. He was so excited to go a hike with new pals Opal and Freckle. He had a blast exploring the hills and chasing the ball.


I looked after Ella for the day. She enjoyed a wander up the cut, we found a new walk around the reservoirs, cant wait to explore them more. She loved chasing her ball around the house after our walk.


This wee happy girl is Lily. She's full of meows telling me how her day went. She also loves to chill on the heated tiles in the bathroom or in the garden in the summer sun.