Billy and Holly

Billy and his wee sister Holly joined us for walks once a week. Billy loved having a wander in his own wee world and Holly was a wee whirlwind of fun.


This wee gentleman is Fergie. He joins us for weekly walks. He is absolutely ball daft and his wee hairdo flies about like crazy as he barks at you to throw the ball. He is also a champion treat catcher, never misses one!


Wee livewire Kobe came on a couple of walks. His favourite thing to do was stand up like a meerkat watching what the other dogs were doing.


Penny joins us for walks twice a week. She loves getting out and about with her doggy friends and especially loves it when her best pal Mash come out for the fun. She is super fast! the queen of zoomies!


Molly joins us for walks once a week for some socialisation. She loves playing fetch with her friends and pulls the silliest faces. She also loves going for a dip and makes a beeline straight to the water if she sees any.

Lexi and Olivia

Lexi and Olivia came to stay for a wee holiday. They were an absolute joy to watch. They loved sitting by the window watching the world go by or watching TV, and also bickered like wee old ladies. Chester loved having birdie neighbours.


My aunt's dog Snoop joined us for walks on occassion. He always made his presence known by howling with excitement and loved chasing and barking at the ball with his friends.


The big lovable Mash! He joins us for walks once a week. He goes from totally chilled out to big goofball in a flash. He loves his walks so much he gets jealous if he sees me picking up his neighbour Penny when it's not his walk day.


Ivy has a new wee bro Milo. He has the softest wee meow and the two of them are alaways in competition for my lap. He loves chicken so much he will grab it off you with his calws and run off with it.


Wee Teddy had a sleepover one night. He loved a rainy walk at Harelaw reserviour, bouncing through the Heather like a rabbit.


I popped in on Teiko (and cosmo the invisible hamster) while their family were on holiday. Teiko can be shy and hid from me at the meet and greet, so I was pleasantly surprised when she came right out and followed me around from the very first visit.


Wee Lilly joined us on a couple of introductory walks to get used to us before her stay over. She enjoyed a wee wander round the park, having a good sniff at all the different flowers with her new friend Scampi.


Wee Arlo comes along on walks once a week. He hops like a baby deer when he's running around with his friends in the fields. he also climbs onto your shoulder and hangs there like a scarf.


Arlo's neighbour Murphy joins us for walks twice a week. He goes up on two legs and greets you with the gentlest cuddles. When out and about with his pals he loves a good clumsy zoomie and paddle in the water.


A wee cloud called Milo joined us for the day. He was a bit nervous at the start but you could see his confidence growing throughout the daybeing out and about with the others.


This big guy is Bear! He joined us for walks a couple of times a week. He howls "Helloooooo" when he sees you and does an adorable head tilt when you talk to him.

Milo and Mittens

I stay with Milo and Mittens while their family are on holiday. Mittens loves to chase her feather toy around and was on a mission to steal my cornflakes every morning. Milo loves her catnip dynamite toy and frequently dropped it on me from the top of the bookshelf like some sort of Looney Tunes cartoon.


Bouncy boy Bubba! He comes along on walks once a week. He is so excited for his walks he hops out the door on two legs. His absolute favourite thing to do is chase leaves blowing in the wind.

Honey, Tilly and Phoebe

I popped in on Honey, Tilly and Phoebe while their mum was on holiday. Honey is a chatty wee girl and runs to the door for cuddles as soon as you come in. Tilly and Phoebe are shy but Tilly came over for the odd pet and Phoebe still came out to have a wee nosey.

Nico, Skye, Gabby and Lad

I stayed with this wee bunch of farm dogs for the weekend while their family were at a wedding. Nico and Skye were two wee bossy brothers, they always had something to say. Gabby was a polite wee old lady and Lad was a retired working sheep dog. I had a lovely time with them all.


Lovely Daisy stayed for a weekend while her family were at a wedding. She loves her home comforts but her absolute favourite thing to do was go for a swim! She's like a pup again when she's in the water.


Mylo hung out with us for the day while his family drove to pick up a new puppy! So he got a lovely wee surprise when I dropped him off home. He was so happy when he met his new wee brother. 


I popped in on Fox a few times. He was too scared to go on walks and was much happier when we went to the garden to play instead. He just loves his ball!


Wee chilled out Bella joins us for walks once a week. She is always a bit unsure leaving her mum for the walk but once she is out and about she loves a good run around with her doggy friends.


Gretel joins us for walks once a week. She screams with excitement when I ring the doorbell and also announces her arrival back from the walk too.


Wee Pip! She joined us for occasional walks. She enjoyed her first two evening walks and loved meeting a bunch of new pals. She's such a calm wee gentle soul.


Wee Wilbur pup joined us for an evening while his mum was on a night out. The wee guy loved a zoom around on the longline and hanging out with his new pals.


Bowie is Biba and Mindy's new brother. He is curious but also shy like his sisters. He does jump onto the bed in the morning for hugs at breakfast time.


I took this guy for a walk while his family were at a wedding. Blaze wins the award for biggest smile! He loves playing with (and annihilating) tennis balls and rolling down hills.


This wee guy is Ezio. I popped in on him while his family were away for a wedding. He loves bubbles and to silently judge me from the windowsill.


This wee guy is Orly, CJ n Bo's new wee brother. He loves his naps and baths but also loves exploring so much he often finds ways to climb out of his enclosure to set off on his adventures.

Beacky McSeeds and Pam

Two new additions to CJ, Bo and Orly's family. Meet Beaky McSeeds and Pam! These crazy hens love to follow me around and peck my boots and their favourite game is to spin the Captain America keyring.


I take Fred for the occassional walk. He greets me at the door with his frog toy and a wagging tail excited for a stroll.


Millie comes on walks a few days a week. She absolutely adores to chase a ball, and will sink to the ground staring at one waiting for you to throw it. Not just balls, she brings you random stuff she finds on walks too.


Cute alert! I popped in on wee pup Douglas for a garden visit and to keep him company for a while. How adorable is that wee bow tie!


I pop in on Keith while his mum is away on trips. He loves a cuddle, to pull funny faces and attack my shoes.

Millie and Louie

I stay with these two adorable guys on occasion and Millie has since joined us for walks twice a week. Millies is a bundle of fun, she loves getting up to mischief with her doggy friends. Louie loves to sing his wee songs and sometimes wears his bell as a hat.

Odin and Baloo

Odin and Baloo joined us for walks once a week. Baloo was a bit scared going in the car but always felt more comfortable jumping in after his big brother Odin. They both loved a good run around the fields.


Cooper joins us for the day sometimes. He adores exploring the countryside and woods with his friends and also loves a good chomp on sticks he finds.