I spent the day with Barney while his family were at a wedding. He loved meeting his mini me Scampi for a hill walks, then cuddling up on the couch for a well earned nap afterwards. He likes to burrow under cushions for a snooze. He was also very polite when he met Meeko the cat.


Molly's wee friend Daisy was staying with her for a few days so she joined us on a walk. Typical beagle she has a mind of her own when sniffing around. Her favourite thing to do is chomp on sticks.

Hugo and Spencer

Double trouble! Helped out with pop ins for these two for a bit. Spencer greeted me with his toy dragon and Hugo greeted me with lots of barks and typical frenchie grumbles.

Bobbles and Marley

I popped in on Bobbles and Marley while their family were on holiday for Christmas and New Year. Bobbles likes to bat at you gently with her paw and Marley has the cutest meow that sounds like a quiet foghorn.


I've been going for walks with Amber and her mum for a while now, trying to gain her trust, leading to walks together just the two of us. She is a very anxious wee girl, hopefully with time and patience her confidence will grow.


I stay with this lovely boy Rex on occasion. He loves his plush banana toy and sits with it in his mouth while looking out the window. He also adores going on walks and chatters his teeth when excited.


Diago joins us for walks a few times a week. He loves a run around with his doggy friends. If he hears echos of dogs barking somewhere in the distance  gives them lip back. 


Lovely Phara is Bae's new sister. She joins us for walk's twice a week while her older brother chills out at home. She loves to perch ontop of the crate in the boot, chill out and watch the world go by on the car journeys.


Dash has a new brother, meet Jack! The two most laid back hounds in Inverclyde haha! Jack gets himself into some funny shapes when chilling on the couch.

Fig, Shona and Chaos

I popped in on Fig, Shona and Chaos while their family were away on a trip. They're a shy wee trio. Fig quickly became by shadow once he sussed I was feeding them. Shona kept watch from her wee cave on top of the wardrobe, and Chaos was a wee hidden ninja, hopefully see him next time.


Millie has a new wee sister. Meet Katie! She's full of smiles and loves a walk in the countryside with her big sis.


I popped in on this cheeky wee girl while her family were on holiday. Willow was always at the door to greet me coming in and did zoomies with excitement. She loves to beat up her carrot toy and was never far behind to investigate what I was doing.

Eddie and Ozzy

Eddie and Ozzy join us for walks on occasion. They both look very dapper in their bow ties, and enjoy a wee stroll with typical pug scuffling throughout.

Rose and Finn

I popped in on Rose n Finn for a couple of days while their family were away on a trip. Wee Rose loved to find patches of sun to sit in and Finn liked to get into mischief and hide in cupboards so I couldn't get him.


The puggy boys' friend Coco joined us for a wee wander. She's a champion treat catcher and loved taking a dip in the reserviour.


Meet Willow! My aunt and cousins brought her home. She's a cheeky wee whirlwind but also loves a big cuddle and some nap time. Her favourite toy is Opal's big chicken.